Hai Ha – Kotobuki Co. Ltd., a member affiliate of the Corporation, operates in the field of manufacturing and trading confectionery products (with an ownership stake of 70% from the Corporation and 30% of Kotobuki Holding (Japan)). Founded in 1992, Hai Ha – Kotobuki was known as one of the first confectionery production joint ventures in the North.

With the proper development strategy and the close direction of the Corporation, Hai Ha – Kotobuki has substantially affirmed as production leading brand in the confectionery market thanks to the diversity of the products, designs that match the tastes and preferences of domestic consumers. Thanks to competitive prices, stable quality, food hygiene, and safety standards, “Hai Ha – Kotobuki ship”, with its strong potential, is ready to sail to the sea and conquer the international market.

Development strategy orientation for the period 2020-2025:

+ To be the TOP company in supplying fresh cakes, Gato, high-class confectionery on the market

+ To apply advanced Japanese technology in food production and preservation