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Saigon Tobacco Company reports record-breaking profit
In the sector of tobacco businesses, last year was characterized by so many challenges that the industry encountered. Nevertheless, Saigon Tobacco Company has synchronously implemented many appropriate solutions from time to time throughout 2022,...
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    Vinataba: Outstanding Perfomance in 2021

    Outstanding perfomance in 2021

    In 2021, the production and operation of Vinataba as well as the whole tobacco industry were heavily impacted by the Covid 19 epidemic. Along with businesses of other industries, Vinataba had to take options of “3 on-site”, “two-destinies” or stop production on the basis of the actual situation in each locality, thereby affecting production capacity and incurring additional costs. Prices of some input materials for production surged up due to scarce supply, domestic and international logistics  challenges.

    However, with synchronously implementing solutions from the beginning of the year to stabilize production and operations, Vinataba is proud of having exceeded the set targets and continues to be the leading business in the entire tobacco industry.:

    • The total volume of the consumed cigarettes exceeded 6% as planned;
    • The market share accounted for about 64.4% of the industry’s output;
    • Total revenue reached over VND24,000 billion, exceeding 8% as planned;
    • Budget contribution reached over VND 12,000 billion, exceeding 9% as planned.

    By agronomy, the growing area of the 2021 crop also increased by 8% compared to the same period last year, ending the continuous decline for a long time. Tobacco purchasing volume increased by 21% and processing output increased by 46%.



    “Since 2017, cigars of international quality and class have been officially produced in Vietnam by the artistic talents of cigar.
    The cigars launched by Vinataba have got the aroma of special origin: completely hand-finished in an Asian country, where the cigar culture is still alive and to a certain extent is something strange and new to the vast majority of people.
    Lotus, Vinaboss or Hanos cigars fully embody the qualities of a traditional South American cigar, with layers of leaves folded in Pajero style of a brown wrapper (Colorado). It’s enough to convince those who know the cigar culture through the image of a true standard cigar.”

    Cigar Materials

    Cigar ingredients are processed day and night by Vinataba experts, strictly selected for each layer of leaf to ensure the first conditions of forming a standard cigar. After the process of rolling and shaping, the cigars continue to be aged in an incubation room with special conditions so that the fermentation process of cigar leaves takes place perfectly.

    Vietnam National Tobacco Corporation Celebrated 36 Years Of Establishment (05/04/1985-05/04/2021)

    2021 – the first year of implementing the 10-year socio-economic development strategy (2021 – 2030), and the 5-year socio-economic development plan (2021 – 2025), is also the first year of implementing the Resolution 13th National Party Congress; The 3rd Party Congress of the Central Enterprises Sector and the 3rd Party Congress of the Corporation’s Party Committee  (term 2020 – 2025). Looking back at the results of the past 5 years (2015 – 2020), Vinataba has achieved great strides, so far, and created the  development leverage for the new period.