Thang Long Tobacco Company excellently achieved development goals and objectives in 2022

Activities News 30/12/2022

In 2022, Thang Long Tobacco Company successfully realized its targets compared to the annual plan set forth: Product consumption volume got impressive growth, sales volume reached over 1,179 million packs, year-on-year growth of 9.09%. It generated VND 6,670.92 billion in revenue, up 8.17% compared to the estimated figure in 2021; Profit before tax was estimated at VND 203.68 billion, up 12.68% and exceeding 12.47% of the target; State budget contribution reached VND 4,740.21 billion, an increase of 18.04% compared to 2021 and exceeded 12.47% of the plan; Ensuring jobs for more than 1,600 employees of the company with an average income of over VND 24.5 million /person/month. Long-term cooperation programs and collaborative agreements in investment were put into execution. In line with this, it actively engaged in principal contracts to purchase raw materials with tobacco leaf production units under the Corporation.  Making investment capital in a number of tobacco raw materials and non-tobacco production enterprises to further enhance the initiative in the supply chain. Besides, it actively looked for sources of materials and supplies of domestic production with proper prices and guaranteed quality, contributing to costs reduction and production and business efficiency. The Company remained unwavering in its adherence to the policy of purchasing at least 50% of tobacco leaf in the Corporation out of the total domestic demand for raw materials./.

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